You are here for one of two things:

A~ the next thing Janice Bastani Coaching is doing, or B~ you want to know more about MasterMinds.

Great, this is the answer to both of these.

Please block off 1 hour on Wednesday, February 18th, from 7PM to 8PM. I am holding a FREE conference call for anyone who is interested in knowing all there is to know about MasterMinds.

Here are all the details:

Dial in call number: 712- 775-7031

Your PIN: 663-073-637

This service is provided by

There will be no obligation to you.

I will tell you how and when the next set of MasterMinds will begin which is Tuesday, March 3rd and Thursday March 5th. In order for a MasterMind to run we need to have 8 Minds is the group.

If you are on the call and want to be in either of those starting groups, you will need to make a decision and sign up via email the week of February 23rd, so that materials can be sent to you in time for the first MasterMind.

If you cannot be on the call on the 18th, no worries, you can still hear about MasterMinds. You will need to send me an email to get this information. [ SUBJECT: MASTERMIND INFO] Again, you will have to go through the signup process the week of the 23rd.

People who are in MasterMinds S-O-A-R!

Janice Bastani, PCC, Mentor & Author

Know What You Believe & Why You Hold That Belief,

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