Marriage – What Do You Believe?

No one can escape the current Supreme Court, Media and water cooler discussion about Marriage and all aspects of marriage.

For 9 years I have been blogging away about “Your Beliefs”.  Many have immediately said:  “…oh, that’s a religious question!”  and I beg to differ.  What you believe about everything in your life has a direct baring on how you make all of your decisions.

So in light of the current hot topic of the month:  What is it you believe about marriage?

It is important that you know what you believe, where your belief comes from, how you either defend your belief with conviction, facts, substance, emotions and so on or if your belief no longer serves you, you need to change your belief.  Again you need supporting conviction, facts, experiences, and feelings to back up your belief.

When we find ourselves at odds with our family, friends, the world and even ourselves, we need to really stop and think this topic of “belief” through; what it is that I really believe about this topic.

We are quick to stand behind a label, orientation, political party, religious affiliation, ideology, and many more labels we love to be identified with, but what does that “label” actually stand for and believe?  To me this just tells me, you haven’t really given any thought to the topic that needs a decision.

It all comes down to your belief.

I know what I believe and why I believe what I do about marriage and I have experience and facts and a belief system standing behind me, do you?

Let me hear from you on this.



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