Making Decisions in 2011

Your life is a highway made up of “Decision” on ramps and “Decision” off ramps.

Each “Good Decision” will put you on a new road.

Each “Bad Decision” will put you on an off ramp which will run you off the road into a ditch.

Look at this photo of this labyrinth of highways.

Each one of those main highway feeds represents someones life.

One of them is yours.

Each overpass and on ramp and off ramp represents the thousands of decisions that you make every day in your professional life and in your personal life.

When you know how to make great decisions it is smooth fast driving.

When you know how to make life decisions which are in line with your vision then you have peace in your life.

When you are unable to make decisions and are paralyzed in fear or indecision, you run your life off in the ditch.

Over the next several weeks we will talk about:

“How to make decisions”

“How to make life decisions”

“How to make better decisions”

“How to make good decisions”

“How to make GREAT decisions”

“The top things you must do to get unstuck and unable to make decisions”

“How to make hard decisions”

What is a decision you are struggling with right now?  Talk to me.



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