Making Bad Decision and New Decisions

Very early this morning, I was awakened with this premise:

“Awkwardness” is the “bridge” between a “Bad Decision” and a “Great Decision”.  Read that again and think of a time when you made a decision which you deemed “bad”.  The reasons and circumstances are not important here, what is important is what is going on inside your head and down in your gut.

We’ve all experienced the aftermath of a “Bad Decision”.  There is a period of self flagellation that goes on inside your  head and underneath your breath.  I believe that this is the norm, not many of us talk about it, but we sure feel it and sometimes we feel it for days and weeks.

Making any decision is a complete process whether you’re aware of it or not.  You do have a process that you run through every time you make a decision.

Once a “bad decision” is made we “stew” internally.  We experience:  sadness, then anger, we get mad (and that turn us – to now do something ), we now entertain other options, we make a new decision.  The place of being between the “bad decision” and the “new decision” is that place of “awkwardness”.  It is uncomfortable in that we go through all the stages and then come through with a new determination to make another choice, even if we think it may be too late, we are moved to action.

Once that “New Decision” is made we become our own cheerleader and we begin to get new results which once again turns our frown and sad mouth into a happy face that indicates – “Great Decision” –  this is the other side of the process.  During this process we experience:  a rush from getting through the awkwardness, then pride that we did look at things again, we see positive outcomes from our new decision, the stress is lifted and we can move forward and live life again.

Today you will have to made a decision.

How will you do that?



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