Living “Off Guard”

Are you living off guard?

You know, are you often caught in some circumstance where you are not equipped for the moment and the result is “embarrassment” for you and perhaps your family or company?

It is more common than you think.  I think that is why I am pretty much prepared for just about anything that I can think of, or that I have experienced in my life and probably some things that seem absurd to others.

Here’s an example:  My husband and I once held a dinner party for some guests who were slightly higher in stature than we were and they were anxious to get to know us and we them.  I served desert and offered coffee.  I was asked for decaf coffee, with f/f half and half, w/skim milk, chamomile tea (it’s the only one I drink), and someone wanted another type of tea.  I had regular coffee, whole milk and plain old Lipton tea bags in my kitchen.

Today if you visit me you will have over 50 teas to choose from and their decaf versions and about 6 different “creamer-type” items to put into your tea or coffee, along with 7 different sweeteners.  If I don’t have it….they don’t make it…..

OK, I admit that I went crazy and overboard big time, but that’s how embarrassed I was. PS….most of the stuff I have is still the one time nut job who needed a specific flavor in order to feel OK/superior and trip me up.  I have mellowed out quite a bit since these days!  I might be heard to say this:  “…tonight I am offering the following….instead of asking……what would you like to have with your desert?”

See the difference?  If you live in very many different places you will find that tastes are different in NYC and LA or The Deep South and in Chicago.   If you filtrate you water, people will comment that this is the best coffee or tea they have ever tasted and its because it is not chemicaled up to the wazoo!

OK that’s my example.  It is very simple and straight forward and most of what we run into as being off guard and vulnerable in situation are far more complicated.  What’s yours?

What happened?

What did you learn?

Now, how will you be prepared so you don’t get caught again unprepared and with no “supplies” or “whatever”?

How did this perfect storm all come together?    Have you been saying:   “…..I’ll get to that later…..” and now it’s been over a year?

What will you do today to be prepared?

What will you do by the end of this week?

By the end of next week?

When will you be totally prepared?

Do you know when those everyday things you have to replace around your home are “traditionally” on sale and at their lowest price nationally?  There are industry standards.  It is just like buying fruit and vegetables “in season”.  These items are at their peak and their lowest price due to availability.

What did you learn today?