Living Life with Incomplete Information

This evening I am writing an post which is unusual for me.  However, today, about 5 times, I was literally struck with this feeling, this piece of knowledge and this experience and I wanted to share it with you tonight.

How many times during the course of a day are we each basing our important decisions on “Incomplete Information”?     I understand that we can’t possibly know every single thing to make a perfect decision, that is impossible but when information is with held to the detriment any one of us we all suffer.

Today, I coached several people and answered several coaching email from clients and they were all in this same vein:  “Incomplete Information” had caused something to derail in their personal and/or their professional lives.

No these precious souls were not duped nor are they gullible or not intelligent, they are operating in good faith and been fed incomplete information.

When your livelihood depends of the correct information, at the correct time, in order to make a decision it is critical.

I believe that asking the right question of the person or company that you are seeking information from is key.

Write down what you need to know.

Do your own research and educate yourself so that you are an informed consumer of goods and services as well as information.

If something just doesn’t sound right, you hairs on your arm stand up or you feel uneasy do not back down or hang up that phone.   Challenge the other person to rise to a higher playing field.

Life is tough enough without the withholding of information.

Knowledge is power; or at least that is a common phrase, but when the knowledge is withheld in order to keep you coming back to the well over and over again that is not service.