Living Inside Your Head

Today something amazing happened.  I got out of my head.

For those of you who are “Plugged In” to your ipod for hours on in, you are a person who is living between your ears and have made a home for yourself which is all about what resonates with you.  This is your “World” and you are happy and comfortable and safe there inside the music.  This “Mental World” that you live in is your sanity.  It is your place of safety.  It is a place where you know what to expect and you have no surprises.  No one can hurt you here living inside of your head.

I will admit that I do not own an ipod.  Even when personal CD, DVD, or ancient cassette players were around, I was never drawn to them.  It became use one more thing that I had to carry on my person and I did not want any more weight to carry on my body.  I enjoy getting up from the chair and going and touching and looking for the next CD I want to listen to.  I move from one place to another and I live in my world not in my head.

Like I said in my opening two sentences, I was trying to find Alicia Keys song “Empire State of Mind” and to order the CD for my collection.  But I thought, I could just buy and download it to my computer.  So I did and I listened to it about 50 times straight.  I was very inside my head and all of those (see the arrow and select “play again”) repeats of that melody kept me frozen for about an hour or more.  Yes, I really enjoyed the music and the song but, I couldn’t disconnect to be productive.

Where are you so connected and in your head that you are losing valuable connectivity?

If you have an “ipod love relationship”, how’s that working?  You both sit around in your own world and you do not connect.

If you have an “ipod family relationship”,  how’s that working out?  You have all probably seen the commercial with the Dad and two teens on a couch and he is jazzed about so new connectivity that he purchased so that he and family could have “more quality time” and the camera pulls back and you see total non-connection.  Yes they are all in the same room but that is hardly a family relationship.  What about you?

Disconnect just once for one hour and see what you are missing.