Living in the Jaws of Uncertainty

As this past weekend past and I watched the nightly news, what strikes me is that we seem to be living in a season of “uncertainty”.  Now I’d like to ask you if that is what you see, hear, and feel in your own world today?

How do you know that this is true?

On what do you base this feeling?

I would like to propose that this is a fabrication of your own thinking.  So, let me just test the water here with a couple of questions to which I know you have the answers to.

This coming fall there will be a group of young adults who will be Seniors in High School;  there will be a graduation come late spring.   Is that certain or uncertain?

In the coming months women who are pregnant, will give birth to those babies.  Is that certain or uncertain?

This coming summer, there will be marriages all over the country.  Is this a certainty or uncertainty?

Every year there are thousands of families who will go bankrupt or loose their homes to foreclosure.  Is this something that goes on every year or not?

Colleges graduate students each spring and summer and winter.  Is this an on going process or is this not a certainty?

Every year millions of people complete their journey here on earth and pass on to  death.  Is this a certainty or is this an uncertainty?

Every year there are storms, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, political upheaval, wars, celebrity meltdown, relationships which fail, leaders that disappoint their constituents, scandals, winners and losers in every business and aspect of daily life.  Are these certainties or are these surprises to you?

You have always lived every moment of your life in the certainty that all of these will occur.  Do you agree with this statement?

So where does this anxiety come from that you are somehow in the grips of something that you feel you MUST control?

If you are AWARE that these are the daily occurrences of life and they will not change for the most part, then be at peace with who you are and what you do in this world.

If you are willing to be a part of the accountability team which has no leader and works tirelessly without recognition to keep your own family, home, community safe, responsible for the resources on which you depend and keep a positive, supportive attitude of building up others instead of tearing down the fabric of life and using your most powerful tool, your actions, life will look very different for all of us.

If you do these first two items then you and your family and community will experience the freedom that we all seem to have forgotten.  We each must take responsibility for things being the way they are in our lives, our communities and our families, and businesses.  We also must recognize that nature will do what nature does and has been doing for millions of years, we are powerless to control something that is not controllable.

So let me ask you again; “Are you living in the jaws of uncertainty?”   or “Are you living in the decisions that you have already made?”