Living and Working in Your Sweet Spot


What is a “Sweet Spot”?  A sweet spot is that unique very special place from which when you operate there, you are unstoppable.  You thrive here, you succeed.  You work hard and even though you are tired, it is that good kind of tired when you know you have performed and added value at your highest level.  How often can you say that about a day at your job?  Chances are if you are like most people you cannot say that very often.  

bullseyeHere’s another way of explaining what a “Sweet Spot” is:  when what you love intersects with what you are good at and serves others you have hit the bullseye!

If you want to be significant and live a life that matters, then you must be willing to add value to other people. Adding value to others simply means that what you do for another person you expect nothing in return and that what you did for them lifts them up in some way.

There are 5 essential values of adding value to others.

First, you must value yourself.   If you are a parent sometimes you take a back seat to the children and you let yourself go.  That is not valuing yourself. A friend of mine once told me this:  “….if you place little value on yourself, then the world will not raise the price either….”

Second, to add value to other, you must first value other people.  Sounds simple doesn’t it, but it is not simple.  How many times have you been walking somewhere and looked right past the people in your path?  Every person matters and you matter too.

Third, to add value to others, you must value what others have done for you.  Think back to someone who did just that did something for you that you did not deserve but you greatly appreciated.  Each of us has people in our lives that poured into us to help us get up on our feet.

, to add value to others you must know and relate to what others value.  If you are in business you already know this don’t you?  A good sales person will know what his customer values in order to sell their product to the customer.  There are several factors that go into knowing what others value.  You must be available, be willing to listen, be interested enough to ask questions, be thoughtful, be open enough to let others into your life, be likable, and a healthy dose of humility doesn’t hurt either.

Fifth, to add value to others, you must make yourself more valuable.  What does that mean?  It means you must invest in yourself too.  How?  Understand that there are no shortcuts, think long-term, think beyond yourself, have fun along the way and while learning use A-C-T ~ Apply~Change~Teach what you learn. value

What do feel you were made to do?
Are you doing what fires up your passion every day?

If the answer is NO to the two questions above then it is time to take a good hard look at where you are and what you are doing.  Your Sweet Spot is out there waiting!




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