Living An Unexamined Life

Like many of you, I struggle with my weight every single day.

Like many of you, I start out each day with a very positive, gun-ho attitude that TODAY, I will make it through and stay on track.

Like many of you, by lunch time, I feel like a failure once again and mentally beat myself up and ask myself “…why…can’t you…..just……..???”

It is a vicious cycle for me.  Is it a vicious cycle for you.

Recently on one of Oprah’s last shows, she had some  100 viewers who had all lost over 100 pounds each.   I was depressed.  I thought:  “..why can they do that and I can’t?”

I have been reading a book by Dr. Roger Gould entitled:  Shirking Yourself. In his 2007 book Dr. Gould talks about lots of things that make perfect sense to me and how I behave and how I do eat for all kinds of reasons and that I am addicted to the state of eating food.  In other words, I am an “emotional eater”.

I would like to quote Dr. Gould here:  “ end up needing more and more to fill the emptiness…”  Isn’t that the truth?

The truth is, is that this statement:  “…you end up needing more and more to fill the emptiness….” applies to every area of my life and your life.

Think about it.

How often do you think:  “…..if I only had _______________________, I’d be __________________________” and the more you get the worse you feel?

It is important that each of us begins to examine what is going on in every area of our life.

That means “examining” why we need to fill and fill again and then fill and over fill that same space.

What is really missing?

What is missing in your life that you are trying to fill?



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