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magicWhat does it mean to live in a time of anticipation?  I am sure you have seen a “MAGIC” show either in person or on television and there is a moment when you are leaning forward in your seat in anticipation of catching the  magician in the act of creating that magic trick, haven’t you?  I know I sure do.  I remember when a magician came to my elementary school and he actually sawed a teacher in half!….well, not really, but to my young eyes, he sure did.  

For those of you in business, you often meet with your finance people and do a cost-benefit analysis and what you find out will either bring a smile or alarm bells will sound.   Being strategic is vital in business and too in our personal lives.  Here is a principle which governs this; to anticipate doing significant acts, you must position yourself to immediately take action. When taken to the extreme, a person can burn out, due to the fact that they are always in “fire-fighting” mode vs, positioning themselves to take the action required to correct course, or solve a challenge. Being on the front lines as a fire-fighter is exhausting and yields poor results.

When we live in a healthy state of anticipation we are more aware of the value of Today. You understand that every day is your time to make a difference.

the_red_doorAnticipation prompts us to prepare. Living and being in this state causes us to look at everything differently. And the end result of this is we prepare differently.  A friend of mine chooses “one word” that will be their focus for an entire year.  This process usually begins between Christmas and New Year.  Once the word is chosen an interesting thing begins to happen:  lessons and experiences begin to occur revolving around that word.  Growth happens, and perspective changes because the word brings certain attitudes, opportunities, and provides a personal catalyst in this person’s professional and personal life.  I challenge you to think of one word to focus on this month.  

Good ideas are a result of healthy anticipation.  Did you know that if you come up with an idea and you believe you are the only person on earth who thought of it; you would be dead wrong!  Millions of people come up with the same ideas every day around the world.  Those who A-C-T on their idea are the ones who are successful.  

Anticipation helps us to have an abundance mindset and to help others.  Anticipation is the key to unlocking the door to abundance thinking.  When we believe positively about what is behind that door of opportunity we will be more willing to open additional doors. With each door we open, we continue to move forward.

Unfortunately, the majority of the world is set firmly in “scarcity” mindset, and work in a j-o-b, and live for Friday and their next paycheck.  As a result they never open that first door and become bitter individuals.

If you want to make a difference and to open the door to significance, you must first ANTICIPATE!





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