Lift Off, Jet Lag and Relief

Our check book is a great deal lighter than it was one week ago.  Tickets purchased on the fly are just shy of ten grand!  We had to buy two of them!  It was as if a tornado blew through the house and out again and suddenly, there were too many groceries, too many missed reservations, tickets which would go unused and a very disappointed wife…after all today is my birthday!

So what would you do?

I had several choices I could have made;  1)  I could have been made, 2) I could have been puckered up and crying, 3) I could have put on a brave face and pretended that it really didn’t matter to me, or 4) I could make my day special even if there wasn’t the usual hoopla that occurs around my b-day.

I went to the store and bought all the ingredients for my favorite home made “German Chocolate Cake” and I made it for myself.

I went to the party store and I bought my favorite Mylar big sunshine balloon and attached it to my chair at the table.

I went to my annual birthday celebration which is to go to Dairy Queen and to have a big root beer float and savor every bite!

It was a great day!