Life’s Obstacles

Let’s face it we all have “Obstacles” in our lives.  Remember the last post on your purpose?   Sometime obstacles get in the way of our purpose.   I am  betting  you do not qualify those obstacles when you are so focused the one thing that is right in front of you.

Obstacles can be “Outer” and they can be “Inner”.

So let’s do some work here;  take a sheet of paper and fold it long ways.  You not have two big columns.  At the top of the page on the left write: “Obstacles” and on the right write:  “Solutions”.

Now begin to just go down the left side of the page and as quickly as you can write the obstacles in your life that jump into your mind and out of the pen you are using.   When you have to stop and start to think about another obstacle; STOP.

Now look at that list of obstacles.     Read each one out loud and and ask yourself:  “Is this obstacle “inner” or “outer”?” Once you identify which it is, next to the obstacle put a (I) for inner or (O) for outer next to each one.

Okay, so fold up the bottom of the page so you can look at just one obstacle at a time and read it out loud again and if it is inner or outer and follow across to the “Solution” side and if a solution pops into your head write it down.  If a solution doesn’t immediately come to mind slide the bottom of the paper down to the next obstacle and repeat the process.

When you have finished, begin to work on each solution.

I would suggest that you keep the sheet visible so that you can come back to it occasionally and fill in those “Solutions” that did not readily appear in your mind.

This entire post describes a process that can be duplicated again and again and has a great success rate.  I have used it myself, I have used it with clients, family and friends.

Let me know how you make out with it.





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