Life Verbs

“Life Verbs” is a phrase I coined in one of my professional growth areas.  I would like to explain what it is and ask you what your “Life Verbs” are.

“Life Verbs” are verbs that we live.  We live out these verbs as our way of being in every aspect of our lives.  We do not stop growing and being because we have achieved them; but rather they are continuous actions that we live out every day.

One of my mentors:  John Maxwell talks about “Leadership” and being a “Leader”, and he discusses how having the title of “Leader” does not make you one nor does this mean that you stop learning and growing in an organization because you have the mantel of the leader.

Living like Leadership is something that we do every moment that we breathe.

What are your “Live Verbs”?

Here are mine:







Think about this concept of “Life Verbs”.

I’d like to know yours.



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