Life Moves # 9

What I have observed is that this step is either rushed or procrastinated on BIG TIME.  We all have this unseen weight of "our stuff" weighing down upon us and the site of boxes, and boxes, and boxes makes us tired before we even open one of them.  What do you do?

Our key to Life Moves now comes into play and I know you are going to say you cannot be serious about this one:  Maintain Normalcy.  Yes, normalcy.  This is the one thing that will get you through the day, the first month, and even the first year.  Have dinner at the same time.  Buy the same food products which you did before.  If your kids take kick boxing, find one and enroll.  Go to the new school.  Buy school clothes. 

Set up the areas which are crucial to you and your families survival.  The bathroom, the kitchen and a clean fresh bed are very inviting at the end of a long day of transition!  Remember the bubble bath and Epsom salts for achy muscles!

10 Keys to Life Moves:

1.  Research

2.  Being Love & Cherished

3.  Post-It Note Strategy

4.  Staying Focused on Normalcy

5.  Packing Beloved Essentials

6.  Plan to Say Goodbye

7.  Family Fun

8.  Plan On Saying Hello

9.  Maintain Normalcy