Life Moves # 8

Let me see if this sounds like you or your family:  Let’s say you live in Los Angeles and you have lived there for a number of years and now that you are moving you have never been to Disneyland, or Catalina Island, MGM Studios, or Grauman’s Chinese Theatre or to some other landmark.  Sound familiar.  Our family experienced this.  So what would you do about that?

Key # 8 Plan On Saying Hello!  This is an idea that turns conventional thinking on its head.  When you get to your new place of residence allow a couple of days to say HELLO to your new state or town.  See the sights. Take a photo at the entrance of a famous landmarks or the big sign which says:  "University of Such and Such".  Yep, it sounds corny but the memory will always be there in a soft spot!

10 Keys to Life Moves:

1.  Research

2.  Being Love & Cherished

3.  Post-It Note Strategy

4.  Staying Focused on Normalcy

5.  Packing Beloved Essentials

6.  Plan to Say Goodbye

7.  Family Fun

8.  Plan On Saying Hello