Life Moves # 6

Just like the last chapter of a great book we need a great close to this chapter of our lives.  In other words "Plan to say Goodbye" to those that are important to those you love.  If you are at the end of the school year there is a natural conclusion to the year.  This would include school, teachers, after school activities and the like.  If you have a church family then a goodbye will probably be given for you by one of your friends within the group. Goodbye are very important.

When we have said goodbye, I have made a point to make sure I have every person’s address, phone number, email address and the like, even down to the smallest child’s best playmate.  Taking photos of those who are important to us are one of the most important things we can give to our family and those that are important to them.  

These events do not have to be expensive or extensive in their production.  I once got a huge map of the US and did the push pin trick with a long piece of red yarn to visible show where we were moving.  Even a young child can show off the map and say "…we are here, and we are going all the way over here!…"

I always keep a hard copy of these addresses and photos.  Strange things do happen in a move and this is a prudent precaution!

10 Keys to Life Moves:

1.     Research

2.     Being Loved & Cherished

3.     Post-It Note Strategy

4.     Staying Focused on Normalcy

5.     Packing Beloved Essentials

6.     Plan to say Goodbye