Life Moves # 5

Let me take you back to one of the first times you left your infant.  Do you remember the trick of leaving omething behind in the crib which has your smell on it, say a piece of clothing?  The reasoning behind this was “to comfort” the little one.  This same principle can be used in moving and transitional situations with every member of your family.

 Life Moves # 5 is Packing the Essentials.  Nothing says “HOME” like a favorite toy, photo, blanket, pillow, storybook, CD series, DVD favorite movie or any number of other items.  Pack a very special backpack for each member of the family and keep it close at hand to have during the transition.  It provides that “little bit of home”  during the move.  This goes hand in hand with #4 normalcy.

10 Keys to Life Moves:

1.     Research

2.     Being Loved & Cherished

3.     Post-It Note Strategy

4.     Staying Focused on Normalcy

5.     Packing Beloved Essentials