Life Moves #4

For the past few days we have discussed tips to  making moves and transitions happen in a smoother manner so that the internal upset which is there, but not always voiced, is calmed and support is present for the person or family in the midst of the change.

Tip # 4 is to stay focused and maintain normalcy.  What do we mean when we say "stay focused"?  "Maintain Normalcy"?  Just what it sounds like, let the family or person know what is gong to happen and on what date and then remind them that this or that is happening today.  If it is near the end of the school year:  focus on finishing strong!  Make sure library books are returned, reports are complete.  Maintain your family’s routine.  If you go to ball games, keep attending, if you are in an exercise program, continue to workout.  This one thing alone can alleviate a great deal of stress.  If you have access to a swimming pool, use it.  There is something about the flowing of water over our bodies that has a soothing quality.  Keep your mealtimes consistent, cook or eat family favorites, maintain all bedtime routines. 

Use family times to gauge how the temperature is of each family member about the upcoming transition.  If you have a young adult leaving for college this may impact the younger children in the family in ways that you are not aware of.  Such as an older sibling who has always been there after school, or who routinely is there as the adult in place of a parent.  An older child who is looked up to as a best buddy can be devastating to a younger child.

You can engage children and young adults in quiet time discussions as to what they want to absolutely have with them in this time of change, which leads us to # 5.

10 Keys to Life Moves:

1.     Research

2.     Being Loved & Cherished

3.     Post-It Note Strategy

4.     Stay Focused on Normalcy