Life is Hard if; you don’t kow what you believe

Life is hard if you do not know what it is that you believe about life.  Every day I interact with people in my business who are desperately seeking something.  Life is very, very hard for them and they are trying to make sense out of the nonsense that they must endure everyday and try as they may, the truth is no where in site.  Everyone’s agenda and point of view is on display.

I recently had a conversation like the ones I just described with a client of mine.  The body language screamed:  I’m defeated, beat down and I am just tried of having to scrap to get by.  My client asked me “…What do you think…”  I told my client what I think is not nearly as important as what you believe about all of the things that are causing you to feel, act and say what you just told me.

Our conversation dramatically changed from that point on.  This person wasn’t destitute but, he felt like he was.  With a couple of well chosen questions his pupils dilated his eyes rolled up and to the left and he go one of those beaming A-HA looks on his face.   We talked about how important it is to know where you get your information, and who gives you that information.  How much research and reading do we each do on our own to formulate our own opinions about the world we live in.   Gaining a new perspective from others broadens our awareness of what is going on around us in our lives, communities and the world.

I asked my client to consider asking himself:  What is it that I believe about _______________________________(I gave him a list of about 10 things that were relevant to his life and business at that very moment.  I asked him to write his gut response first, then rationalize what ever came next, and then go out and try to prove it in three sources and none of those could be the Internet.  When we become a “spoon fed” society like we are now, we believe anything because it is hyped up and lots of nobodies pay attention to it.

What about  you?  Are you bogged down with fear, doubt, doom and gloom.  Who is feeding you daily?  Is that news source have you healthy mind, spirit, body and a good night’s sleep at the top of their list for the most beneficial newscast for their audience – YOU?

I can promise, if you turn off all those radio, televisions, internet, phones of any kind and stop reading newspapers and magazines, you world will immediately brighten right up.    I challenge you for 1 day, then the entire weekend, then 4 days the next week and finally in week 4, no news period for one full week.

Let me know how you fared.



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