Life in the fast lane

Does this look like your life?  Do you wish you could just get off at the next exit?  I know we all wish we could just exit as soon as possible, but sometimes it is just not possible; or is it?  Have you ever had a car accident or taken a misstep and fallen and had to stop?  If you have you know that there is no way you can just jump right back up the next morning and attend to life as if nothing has happened, life doesn’t work that way.  So why is it that we seem not to be able to stop and adjust when we know that we absolutely have to do just that?

What will happen to our jobs, our families if we stop?  No, really what will happen?  The truth is nothing will happen.  Both will get along and make arrangement to do what they have to do to on with business and to be where they need to be if we are laid up or incapacitated, so what is stopping you from making some badly needed changes in your own life today?

There has to be a pay off for you in some other area for you to continue to do what you do, so what is that?  Come on, let’s be honest here.  It’s only you and me here on this page, no one else is around, so come clean here….what is it?

If you are being run over by the world, your work, a boss, your peers, your perceived expectations of the way you think you should be, then you are in for a huge let down somewhere out there in your future and it won’t be pretty….and you will be in for a the let down of a lifetime and you will be wondering what in the world did I do this for?  And you know what…you will be right!  What did you do it for?  It certainly wasn’t for you!  So who was it for?  For them?  They don’t care!  So for who?…….hummmmmmm?  If you can’t come up with a name in 10 seconds then STOP IT!  It has to be worth while for YOU!

What happens in the “fast lane” anyway?  Why do you think you are there?  What do you hope to accomplish there that you cannot accomplish someplace else?  What happens once you get what you want?…is there an even faster lane you can catch?  Then what? What will your plan be then?  Do you see how this fast lane plan is a “no plan of action” really?

Being in the fast lane is meant to be “temporary”.   It is an express lane for a brief time and you are meant to exit it.  Being in the fast lane depletes your adrenals, it frays your nerves, it robs you of vital sleep, if ruins relationships, it tears at the fabric of families, it may get you ahead in the short run, but loses the bigger race in life.  Is it worth it to be in the fast lane?

Look around you at the people who are happy.  Are they in the fast lane?  Look at those who have their bills paid on time.  Look around at those who are happily married.  Look around you at those who are living within their means (that means they aren’t living pay check to pay check).  Look around you at those who are smiling and holding hands and laughing.  Look around you at those who are playing with their children and grandchildren in their yards.  Look around you at those who are still driving the same car they drove 5, 8 10 years ago and it is paid off.   Look around you at those who do their own yard work and are proud of their lawn, their roses, their tomatoes etc.  These are the people who are not in the fast lane and are happy with who they are and where they are in life and are living the good life.

Exit at the next exit and take your foot off the accelerator.  Cross the street and get to know they and ask them what they know that you do not know.  You just might learn something.




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