Life In The Balance

It seems to me that it is our turn for a series of emergencies, losses, and general stress loading onto our lives and those that we love and care about.  All of us, none of us is immune to these events, and yet so many of us act surprised when they happen to us.

It is my experience that we are so self absorbed most of the time (and this does not mean every one reading this) that we push some very important things away and tell ourselves that we will have time to work or those matters “later”, and anyway, “I’m too busy with work, the kids, finding a job, paying my bills etc. to deal with all of “that stuff” now…..”

If you have not done so already, I suggest that today you begin with educating yourself about the following:

*Elder Care (Some day someone you love is going to need it and you are the one who will be in the decision making loop and financial hook in some form or another)

*Death (Dealing with “Death” is something that our society seems to have an aversion to and we do not want to talk about it or deal with it.  News Flash – “You will die”  “All those that you love and cherish are going to die”  Make you peace now.  Know what happens when a loved one passes away.  What happens first, then second and so on.  It takes the “shock” out of it. )

*Know where you will spend eternity (I am not here to convert you to my beliefs, I am here for you to take a stand and “Know What You Believe and Why You Believe That”. )

*Get your financial house in order!  (The pain and confusion, shock and frustration to those loved ones who are left to deal with your failure to get yourself organized and have a will and a plan that they can follow is the cruelest thing in this process)

*Have a WILL!  (This is so simple.  You can get on online.)

*Tell everyone that you care about where your “Go To Binder/Drawer/Box” or whatever it is that contains all those important things about every starred item above.

Get started TODAY!