Your Life Can Be a Great Story



I would like to start out this month by asking you to participate in a “Visioning” exercise.  A visioning exercise is simply where you and I decide to close our eyes and envision something.  Are you willing?  Okay, let’s say you are a great author and you have been paid a one million dollar advance to write “Your Story”, what would you write?

Most likely you would begin chapter 1 with your history, such as where you were born and where you grew up, went to school etc.

Then what?

sory-of-my-lifeYou know we all love to read good stories.  We want them to inspire us, connect with us in an emotional or intellectual manner.  We want to be wrapped up in the story and feel the struggle, to climb the mountains that tested the person and to celebrate with them when they succeeded or even cry with them when they faltered and failed, when we read a great story.

Everyday millions of people on the earth download movies and books; they purchase, rent and view or read these same stories.   What is a recent movie you have watched where you were caught up as it were?  How about a book that was the story of someone’s life?  What were the emotions you felt?  

As writers of our own story, we want our lives to matter, don’t we?  We want to share what we know, where we have been and let others know what matters to each of us.  

Let me ask you another deeper question; do you know how many lives your life has touched? How many other people’s lives you have changed?  Pause a moment here and just think about these two questions.  

How would the world be different if you had never been born?  If you had never been born just think about all the lives, which would never be touched by you being there.  

i-careIn order to live a life of significance, of contribution, of love, of accomplishment, we must begin to make a difference with others, whether that be in your professional life or your personal life.  You do this right where you work and where you live. 

If you are a person who wants to live a great story and leave a legacy to those whose lives you have touched, you have to get into your own life’s story.  You may be wondering this:  “How do I get into my own story?”  Great question!  Here are the five things you must do to get into your own story:

  1. Decide to live each day with an “Intention”.  Here’s how you know if you are living with intention:  unintentional people see the wrongs of the world, and say: “something should be done about that,” intentional people see the wrongs and “what can I do to help.”
  2. Help, inspire and lift up one person today. That person in turn can do the same for another and another, in other words paying it forward.
  3. See yourself in your story of significance.  If you feel you are insignificant now, the good news is you can change it!
  4. Use your strengths in your life and your story. Be the best at what you do with the strengths you already possess.
  5. Stop “trying” and Start “doing”.  “Doing” is an attitude.  Doing makes, us commit to something or someone.  Saying “I will do….” has tremendous power.


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 “Good intentions are not enough.“