Leading The Leader A Path of Continuous Growth

11263095_lBeing a leader today some might say is a job either everyone thinks they can do a better job of OR they shrink back into the shadows and want no part of.  Why the two extremes? Perhaps it is more about what we as a nation, business leaders, families and leaders of ourselves have “allowed” and “accepted” in the esteemed positions of “LEADERSHIP” today locally, nationally and globally.  You see this isn’t about anything “External”; it has everything to do with what is “Internal” in the man, woman or child who steps forward or is even thrust into the position of LEADERSHIP, and wears the mantel of same.   So now we come to the real question of this discussion:

“What Makes A Person A Good Leader?” 

When you read this question, several items immediately popped into your head and I can almost bet they were all “negative”, in that, your own negative self talking loop was saying:  “….well, I sure know what a good leader is not!  A good leader is not………….!!!!!!!”  Am I right?  Yep!  I know, we all go there, so don’t beat yourself up.  So what does make a person a good leader then, now that you have vented and explained what a good leader is not?   Ah, now this is a little harder isn’t it.  You see it may just be that it has been a long time since one of these individuals has passed your way.  Where are all the good leaders today?  Do we still have any?

Yes, we do and they are all around you.  The good leader is working at what he or she does best leading without fan fare and lights and cameras, getting job of leading, decision making, taking care of people, moving products, stocking shelves, getting out the work that needs getting out, and doing what leaders do well – L- E- A- D – I – N- G!

26551155_lAccording to John Maxwell, the #1 expert and best selling author in the world on “LEADERSHIP” their are 12 factors which make up or describe a GOOD LEADER.  This list is here below, look at it and as you do think about the person immediately above you leading you; how many of these factors/qualities do you see in the person leading you?

1.  The Influence Factor – Do they influence others?

2. The Capacity Factor – Do they have the potential to grow and develop?

3. The Attitude Factor – Do they desire to grow and develop themselves?

4. The Chemistry Factor – Do we like each other?

5.  The Passion Factor – Are they self-motivated?

6.  The Character Factor – Are they grounded?

7. The Values Factor – Are our values compatible?

8.  The Teamwork Factor – D0 they work well with others?

9. The Support Factor – Do they add value to me?

10. The Creative Factor – Can they find possibilities out of impossibilities?

11. The option Factor – Can their contribution give me options?

12. The 10% Factor – Are they in the top 10 percent of those on our team?

WOW, now that is a profile and a picture of a person you don’t see standing before the media very often is it?  You see A GOOD LEADER doesn’t wear a label.  A GOOD LEADER isn’t defined nor boxed in by the rhetoric we have all become so comfortable with, it is much more than that to be someone who LEADS others.   Author Lorin Woolfe says:  “The ultimate test for a leader is not whether he or she makes decisions and takes decisive action, but whether he or she teaches others to to be leaders and builds an organization that can sustain its success even when he or she is not around.”

Growth_one stem plant_13434986_lOkay, now you have read this list of 12 items which make A GOOD LEADER, think about yourself now.  You do understand that you are a leader also?  You lead many people in your own life.  You lead yourself, your family, your extended family, in your neighborhood, your community, in your profession, and in many other areas where you are in contact with others you are viewed and looked up to as a leader.  Read through those 12 items again as YOU THE LEADER.  How are you leading now, today, where you are in life?

The second part of this natural evolution of any person who leads is up there on the list at number 2 & 3.  Look again at those two numbers, and let’s bring this home with some personal examination.

A GOOD LEADER needs to have: The Capacity Factor – Do you  have the potential to grow and develop?   If you are a leader or you want to be in a position of leadership some day, how are you currently growing and developing yourself and your LEADERSHIP skills, knowledge, and acumen?  A title does no automatically or magically endow you with the 12 items listed above.

A GOOD LEADER needs to have:  The Attitude Factor – Do you  desire to grow and develop myself?   This might seem like a strange thing to actually ask a leader, but it is not becasue, like many “want-to-be” people in leadership, their “ATTITUDE” is what is missing in the equation.  Yes, they want position, but not the work that goes along with the position and part of that position of LEADERSHIP requires one to continuously develop and grow. 

LEADERS ARE LEARNERS.  A true Leader never stops learning.  When you stop learning, you are no longer an effective LEADER.

iStock_000015269756XSmall[1]Now that you have read and pondered this piece on what LEADERSHIP and LEADERS are, what do you want to do?  The true LEADER in you will be saying: “Where do I learn more about LEADERSHIP?” If that is what you are asking right now, there are immediate opportunities all around you globally and you do not have to wait one more moment.  100% of them are free.  We will explore those.  You can of course look up courses online, and in your community.  Books are everywhere on this topic.  As I mentioned above John C. Maxwell is the #1 best selling author of all time globally on the subject of LEADERSHIP and his 74 books on this topic alone has set him apart for all time.  If you want to start with the #1 recognized guru in the field of LEADERSHIP – I personally would start with: The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and then Developing The Leader Within Me.   Take a LEADER out for a meal or coffee and ask questions.  You pay, you ask the questions and tap into that source of wisdom and they eat and your take notes.  Do this once a month or once a week for a year and I guarantee you will be a much wiser person in 12 months! Get yourself a mentor, a LEADER who meets those 12 items listed above and ask them to mentor you for a specific period of time.  You will be so glad you did. 

On October 10, 2014 in 36 countries around the globe a wonderful LEADERSHIP event will be taking place called: L2- LEARN – LEAD.  I highly encourage you to find a location near you to attend this event.  Leaders are always looking for opportunities to learn, but every leader has little time to spare.  L2- LEARN – LEAD is the new live simulcast LEADERSHIP event designed to breathe new life into LEADERSHIP through world-class speakers in a convenient, half-day format.

Banner L2 with Photo of 3 Speakers_10543523_10154513668000157_2124861214806657291_o


If you are in the San Francisco, East Bay Area of California, our L2 -LEARN – LEAD event will be held at the San Ramon Valley Conference Center.   Registration is NOW open!  

Speakers at this event are John Maxwell, Linda Kaplan Thaler, and Tim Sanders.  Each of these speakers is the top leader in their field and will be teaching, sharing and you will return to you business inspired and enriched motivated with new ideas, the latest information in the fields of LEADERSHIP, MARKETING & INTERNET PIONEERING.  John Maxwell will share with you the art of asking great questions.  Linda Kaplan Thaler will share GRIT – Guts, Resilience, Industriousness and Tenancity and how to put it to work for you.  Tim will share how to become a people centric leader through confidence, leading people and customer experience.  

Reserved seating only. 

To reserve your seat at the table of LEADERSHIP please go to:









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