Leaders Love Leading

Am I doing what I Love & Loving what I do?

What that a hesitation I felt in your reply there?iStock_000009575397XSmall


If you did not respond immediately with a resounding YES!…..You might not be LEADING.  Quick, take a quick look behind you there.  Is there anyone back there?


Leaders instill leadership in their teams and those they lead.  Leaders who really LEAD, cross the finish line TOGETHER with their entire team and organizations, not at the FRONT. 



Partnership and team work

If you are out front make sure you are out there for the right reasons, not the wrong ones.  What are you in the “BIG CHAIR” for anyway?

Perhaps it is for the “Perks”?  The “Financial Reward”?  Or perhaps the “Recognition”?  We all have that big ugly thing called EGO just sitting there on our should waiting to rear its ugly head.  These things are fleeting in the bigger picture of what a Leader does in the day to day operations of leading in whatever space you lead. 

You see we are all leaders.  A mother who is at home is leading those precious little ones all day long.  The clerk at the checkout in your local grocery is a leader.  The person who delivers anything to you at your office, or home is a leader to someone.  In your place of employment you are a leader to someone who is below you, to the person sitting right next to you, and there is someone above you who is a leader leading you.  If you put your life in the hands of anyone who is transporting you to and from anyplace on this earth, you are placing your life in the hands of a leader.  When you dine out at a fine restaurant or drive thrstressed familyough the fast food lane, you are in the hands of a leader.  Your money is in the hands of a leader somewhere on this planet.  If you make a purchase on the internet, or in a store, you are placing your trust in a leader somewhere although he or she is unseen that your transaction will go through and your merchandise or service will be delivered smoothly.  The toddler laying in the crib crying is a little leader in the making, the baby cries because they have a need and we jump up to meet the need because we know the need and want to serve the baby, knowing he cannot do it for himself ~ that my friend is a leader.  Parents, Leaders of businesses, spiritual leaders, clerks, delivery people, online entrepreneurs, stay at home moms, global leaders, those who serve with a glad heart love leading and do it with enormous passion and boundless energy.  They enjoy being around people!

Those who lead who are grumpy, point fingers, spend all their waking moments word smithing, blaming, finding fault, ducking the issues, being unavailable, spending valuable time in meetings, doing more studies, and looking for more in places where the same answers just came from are not LEADERS.   Leaders inspire others, Leaders lift up those they lead, Leaders smile, Leaders look those they lead in the eye and give straight honest answers and admit upfront when they are wrong and when they simply “Do not know” an answer.  No one knows every answer ~ that’s an impossibility in itself.


Good Leaders Ask Great Questions_10298992_10154248902835157_6412899577772390516_n

Good Leaders Ask Great Questions, did you know that?   BUT, you can only get answers if you ask questions.


What are the three most important questions you need to ask today?


100% of the time we don’t have the answers we need, is because we fail to ask the question in the first place.


What are the three key questions you need to ask in order to move forward?



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