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What they said about L2

Janice Bastani, is a top tier experienced coach

Janice Bastani, is a top tier experienced coach, that has patiently worked with me on many situation in my life around business and family. She is a resourceful, innovative coach, and skilled listener with canning ability to ask specific, correct to the point question to encourage me to determine and come up with solutions. Janice is steadfast, one committed to unparalleled excellence, a caring coach/mentor who is unwavering in her devotion to me and my family. During the transitional and difficult moments in my life she is a coach/counsellor that listens and guides me without judgement.

Babak Nader
Director of Quality, Support and Technical Operations.

I have been CEO of Public Companies for over 16 years

I have been CEO of Public Companies for over 16 years and I have always found John Maxell’s “Leadership” sessions powerful and applicable to what I do in developing leaders in my companies. I found L2 specifically useful because I see every day how people can further develop themselves if they had thought about the questions they would ask when they meet those leaders and role models in their lives in meetings and conferences. Precious opportunities that were not capitalized on! Nothing is more evident when at the end of a leadership session, or in all hands communication meetings the presenter asks if there were any questions and there is dead silence! L2 opens the doors. It helps one capture those moments and become more effective by preparing ahead of time what to ask, and how to mine for  “pure gold” by asking those questions. I highly recommend L2 to both people in leadership positions, and those who aspire to become leaders.

Bami Bastani
President & CEO, Meru Networks