L2 Learn – Lead October 10, 2014



Leaders Learn Daily! 

Your chance to see this valuable skill in action is coming soon to the San Ramon Valley!

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What Is L2?

Leadership can take a lot out of you.  You need encouragement.  You need inspiration to continue to pour into the lives of those you lead.  That’s why the new simulcast L2: Learn – Lead is here, to breathe new life into your leadership, empowering you as you learn and lead others to follow.

Maximize your time with this half-day format.

Who will be speaking via LIVE SIMULCAST?



 Dr. John C. Maxwell

Leadership Expert, Coach, and Author

John has penned 74 books on Leadership and is recognized globally as the #1 authority on Leadership.  

John has mastered the art of asking questions and will share why they are so important for successful leaders, what questions we should be asking ourselves and what questions we should be asking our teams.



 Linda Kaplan Thaler

Chairman of Pulicis Kaplan Thaler

Linda is the marketing genus behind some of the most famous campaigns in advertising history.  She is the brilliance who put the “Duck” in Aflac.

Linda will share inspiring stories and offer practical tips to harness and put your own G.R. I.T.  – Guts, Resilience, Industriousness, and Tenancity, to work for you.




 Tim Sander

Internet Pioneer and Author

You will learn from Tim three key areas for becoming a people centric leader – confidence, leading people and customer experience.




Tickets Now On Sale!





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