Kick Your Beach Ball!

The sun is out today, although it is still cold outside my window.  I am thinking of a childhood favorite of mine; the colorful, big, bouncy, beach ball.  We have all played with this great inexpensive toy on the beach, and in our back yards.  I would like to have you dig around in your garage or the back of your van and put it out and re-inflate for a season. 

Pump or blow it back up with air.  Roll it around, bounce it, kick it into the air or across the room.  Does that bring back memories?  Don’t you just feel younger by looking and touching it?  I know you do, and I do too!  So how can we use our beach balls to change our lives?

Indulge me here a moment; I want you to just leave it rolling about your home or apartment for a week.  Every time you look at it pick it up and go back to those carefree days on the beach and remember how free you felt and how much fun you could have with just a ball full of air! 

Now, when you come home at night, go over to the ball and bounce it a couple of times.   Just pick it up and feel how “light” it is.  Think about how “carefree” the little girl was who played with this ball.  You will better immediately.

If you come home and you have something that is bugging you, or that you have a decision to make about something; go over and pick up the beach ball and start to just bounce it.  Just look at it and notice how colorful it is, how light it is and just bounce it.  Now state the thing that you are working on a decision or a plan of or the thing you need to get resolved and keep bouncing and talking out loud about it.  Pretty soon, your own deeper, and higher self will have the answer.  It works, I’m telling it does.

Next time you come home and you are seething about something, mad, or have some kind of something that seems like a mountain.  Look over there at that beach ball and give all of that negativism to the beach ball and then give it a good swift kick and poof……you have just released tons of negative energy right into the beach ball and it has just flown away from you and out of your body.

Now….go find your beach ball!