Keep Growing

Okay, that wasn’t so bad was it?   No, you may have even gained some insight into yourself.  Now let’s move on to another growth step in your process.  You can now begin to make new choices now that we know you can disconnect in a fundamental way from your electronic devices during the night to get some much needed rest and your body can repair and work on other important things in your brain.

Let’s work on this;  what is an area of your life which you have not dusted off in some time?  Usually when I work with my clients, I simply ask them:  “What area  of your life is causing you some trouble, or do you spend a lot of time avoiding and yet you think about it all the time and say I’ll do that next weekend or next month for example?”   Got it?  Okay, now let’s look at it from our process again.

The first step in the process is awareness.  If we take a really good look at this area which has been neglected, we would see what?  What kind of shape is it in?   What realistically needs to be done?  By when?  Are there things which are past due?  How past due?  Are there penalties for that?  What can you do immediately with a phone call?  What can you do yourself?  What can you do with the help of a friend?  Who do you know who is an expert or who knows something about this?  If this is beyond your scope and now you must hire someone, who can you hire?  When, schedule it now.  If you have waited and now it is going to cost you, that is the consequence of your past choice.  Understand and accept that and move on.  If this choice has hurt your family, spouse, and others, let them know your are sorry and that you accept full responsibility for your actions and that your are righting the situation and DO IT!

This is how growth happens.  Accountability for your actions is HUGE!

Let me know how it goes.




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