“Just tell me what to do……”

“Just tell me what to do……”; what a cop out!  Do you not know what you need or want to do?

When I hear this is which is usually an already “escalated” argument…..I think to myself:  “this person no longer wants to be burdened with having to THINK.”  If you continue down this road of abdicating your responsibility then pretty soon everything will be decided for you and when you do WAKE UP, it will be too late.

Our technological society of being wired 24 – 7 and “there’s an “app” for that” or “just google it” mentality has done us a huge disservice.   We are forgetting how to reason and think.

We are just “reacting” to life.

We become slaves to “stronghold thinking”.  What does that bring up for you?

Battle perhaps?

Well in a way you are waging your own private mental war.  This is hard to give up.

Do you remember when you were still under your parent’s control as a kid?  You hated being told what to do and when to do it and to be reminded again and again about what you forgot and then it started all over again.   Each of us couldn’t wait until we were “out from under” our parent’s control; only to then fall prey to that same mentality and to voluntarily go there on our own.

“A confused mind never buys”……you may have heard this?

Well, a confused mind also becomes paralyzed and unable to make informed decisions.

How can you break the cycle?

We’ll cover that next time…..