Just Say “NO”!

Do you realize that your own unwillingness to say “NO” is destroying your life?    We are all experts in the shouting of this word with hands on hips, pursed lips and a furrowed brow since the age of 2!  Why do we suddenly cease to use it when we have children once they grow beyond the age of toddlers?

I know we all want to let the experience only great things and pleasures and to learn and grow and have days of fun filled joy.  But, come on now, life isn’t about fun and unlimited Joy is it? 

What’s behind our Yes?  Here are a few ideas:

1.  We say “YES” to others because we want to please them

2.  It is OK to stick to your plan and to say “YES’ or to say “NO”

3.  We teach others nothing when we say “YES” constantly

4.  We teach others how to treat us by our answers

5.  Be Polite, BUT Firm about your NO

OK so you are not comfortable saying “NO”.  That’s OK.  Here are a few tips to help you say NO:

1.  I am not comfortable with that….

2.  I have another commitment….

3.  I want to focus on my……right now…..

4.  I cannot help you right now, here’s the name of someone else who may be able to help…..

5. NO.

There will be times when you want and will say YES!  Be enthusiastic about it!