January is Gone!

Wow, did this month just fly by or what?   So how are you doing?  No, I’m not talking about your resolutions, I am talking about those things that you were carrying into this year from last year.  Did the turning of the calendar and the new President, the new year dawning, those kinds of things, did they erase what you were dragging around last year?

No?   Really?  What’s that about?  It’s all about “Value”.  We place our time, energy and talent into the things that hold the most value to us.  Now, value can be a positive thing or a negative thing.  These things we carry around can drag us down and keep us stuck or they can lift us up and we can let go of them when we no longer assign value to them.

So here is a quick way to tell what you are valuing.  Ready?   OK.  

Are you stuck?  What or who is keeping you stuck?

Do you feel empty inside?  What is missing and what will fill the emptiness?

Do you feel as if you are on cruise control?    What put you on cruise control?

I am in full combat mode every day?  WOW!  What sent you to battle?

You see sometimes we don’t even know how we got to where we are in the first place.  What would happen to you if you just let go of being stuck?   Think of this like a huge eraser and just erase it out of your life.  What would happen if you only did things that filled you up inside or you only had friends who made you feel good when you are around them and you let go of all the things and the people who empty you?  What would happen if you pushed the cruise control to “off” and you took the wheel and decided what to do?  I mean really.  If you wake up and you are still in your combat boots and you are in full camouflage, you must get undressed, showered and get a good look in the mirror my friend.  This is not life you are living. 

If you are so beat down that you cannot function at an optimal level, STOP.   Clear your calendar for one full day.  Beg or borrow child care, call in sick, get yourself some space and get in a hot bubble bath and think or whatever you do to clear your brain fog.  Get out there in the fresh air and just walk.  Even if it is freezing cold.  Let your thoughts race.  Go for a swim and just swim and swim until you only feel the water flowing over your body.  Get your head clear.

Go somewhere that has no attachment to you.  Like a beautiful park, or a library, or a coffee shop, or natural place with great scenery.  Take some fresh fruit, water and veggies with you and pad of paper and a pencil or pen.  Now with no limitations, just dream of your life in perfect harmony.  Write down what a day like that would look like to you.  We are just day dreaming, here, no stress.  What would happen to your life if you just did one of those things tomorrow or next week?  How would you feel? 

Are you willing to give it a try?  OK,  now, just enjoy the rest of YOUR DAY which is just for you.  Do something you always loved to do as a kid.  Maybe it is swinging on a swing….just go do it…..it is something that makes you HAPPY. 

There are lots of ways to let go and just be.  They are all around you.  Open your eyes, let go and just see the possibilities.