It’s My Time!

Did you ever feel it was just TIME for you to do something?

I know it’s my time!

I know it’s my time to take action….

I know it’s my time to make a change…

I know it’s time to take control….

I know it’s time to live my life more fully….

Taking action to change anything in your life take 3 things.

Attitude – you have to want to change.  People don’t change until they hit bottom and things hurt so bad they have to change.

Commitment – change can only happen when we repeat what works consistently.  That means we have to consistently do what works over and over, even when we don’t feel like doing it. 

Gratitude – we must be grateful for what we have and take care of what we have or we will not be given anything more.  If we cannot take care of what we currently have, we can not possibly take care of anything more.

It sound almost too simple doesn’t it?  Things in life aren’t really complicated.  We make them complicated. Changing anything takes a new mindset.  You have to show up daily in your life.  You have to be fully engaged mentally, physically and emotionally.  You have to be focused.  If you are giving 100% you won’t get 100%.

You can certainly be certain of this:

There will be hard times.

There will be times when you want to just quit.

There will be people who want to pull you down because you are moving forward and they are being left behind.

You will feel worse before you feel better.

Congratulations… are normal and you can succeed.

It’s Your Time!






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