It’s Almost Over…

As 2022 ticks away on the big grandfather clock in the hall, this year, I feel tired and ready for a long winter’s nap.  Tomorrow is a brand-new year, full of possibilities and my calendar has lots of white space to dream.  I am so very thankful for all the fabulous clients who have enriched my life this past year.  Even the ones where we weren’t the right fit, or the time wasn’t right for them or for me, and that is okay for each of us.  Other opportunities will be there in the future.

As per my usual routine, I will be making those decisions which move me forward, not because someone else wants me to, but because I want to pursue the relationship with a group, or a mentor to someone, or some other entity to which I belong.  If you are like me, don’t just “re-up” automatically, do some soul searching and see if the group you belong to aligns with your mission and vision, not the other way around.  If you have belonged to a group for several years, or a decade, take a good hard look if that group is still serving you at the highest level.  If you feel the least bit not served, unsubscribe, do not automatically pay your fees.  Put yourself and your business first. Beginning around mid-October, I start “unsubscribing” to basically everything. Those things were probably a “one off” purchased or “look-see” to evaluate the offering as to its impact on my business or myself.

Look at the people in your life.  You have an inner circle and then an outer circle and then another bigger circle of people.  Ask yourself this question; did they bring a smile to your face and in your life in 2022?  As you look over the names of people and businesses, do you have a smile, a frown, or a question on your face [why did I join this, or what did I buy here?].  You know what to do.  You can be professional and polite but exit them from your life and business.

What have you read in 2022?  Do any of these authors offer something that will energize you and your business?  What about personal mentors far or near?  Perhaps this is an in-person relationship with a person who has already walked and worked the road you are on and is five years ahead of you. Many of my mentors are authors and they mentor me through their writing. 

One of the biggest things, I personally think, makes a big difference is to disconnect your technology, unsubscribe from everything, block, block, block, change your email address and passwords on everything.  Go back to all your bookmarks and sites you have visited and see if you even remember why your bookmarked them and then delete them. Vigilance is the key here.  Keep yourself protected.

I am in favor of taking a break between Christmas and New Year and even the first week of the new year.  Why?  It gives me a chance to slow down.  To enjoy my family, the season, and the joy of relationship. I use that first week to “re-set” myself, my home, my calendar, and my business.  I ask myself, “What do I want this year?”

What do you want in 2023?

My name is Janice Bastani. My business is Janice Bastani Coaching. In 2023 I am accepting new clients, and I have limited availability. If you are interested in becoming a client in 2023, please email me at: