Is Your Receiver Turned On?

Earlier in the month of June all the television stations in the United States converted to “digital” signal broadcasting.  There were many hours of commercials telling the public that this was going to happen and even money to get the right conversion box if you were unable to afford one on your own in this tight economy.  OK, so now we are being broadcast to in “digital”.  What I want to know is you own personal receiver turned on?

As a professional credentialed coach here’s what I know and what I hear from my clients every single day:

* each one has “unsaid” and “unmet” needs  (that goes for men and women)

* women especially have lost their support system due to the reality of working two jobs (the one to put food on the table and a roof over their heads and the second one of being a wife and mother)

* each one of these clients has an overload of information and they do not know who to believe

* each one also puts themselves last and is literally on the brink of neglect in their own personal growth, health, pleasure, fulfillment and spiritual life.

Those are the big ones.  Do you resonant with any of these or perhaps all of them?

Over the next few days, we are going to explore these 4 big topics.

So get ready.  I would like to know, if you have a story to one of these four and how you overcame the issue would you be willing to share it with me?

All you have to do is comment below and write the story.

If you have another “Biggie” that you would care to share with me, I will address it also in this series.  In order to do that all you have to do is to write what your biggie is in the comment section below and I will also answer that issue.

Thanks so much ahead of time.

Next time I will discuss:  “Unsaid” and “Unmet” needs .