Is Your Panic Button Pushed?

The election of 2008 is now history.  The next day the Dow Jones fell almost 500 points.  How did you feel when you woke up on November 5th?  Were you energized at the potential of a fresh new face at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave?  If your answer was “yes”, then you are experiencing a “rush” of positive energy which gave you less of a burden on the 5th.  What happened when you came home from work and saw the evening news?  Did you once again go into Panic mode? 

To “panic” is to catch a virus from every electronic media around us and the people we interact with and where we go.  Panic spreads like a wild fire,  it is fanned by the winds of gossip, incorrect information and idle talk and speculation.  When you go to your physician with a virus, what does he tell you to do?  Go home, rest, let it run its course.  You will feel better and it will take some time.

Did you know that you can turn off your own “Panic” button?  What would that one skill be worth to you?  Do you think that you are ready to hear the solution?  I am happy to give it to you.  However, if after you receive this valuable explanation you do not know what to do next; that’s a sure sign that  you are not ready or prepped to handle the knowledge that you possess.

OK, here it is in a nutshell:  In each of our lives, there are events which we can control and those events which we cannot control.  As human we want to be right.  We want to be in complete control.  We want to be viewed as having it all together. We want to be seen as a leader.  We want to have all the answers.  In other words, we want to be perfect or at least to appear perfect on our exterior.  Right?

In reality, we cannot control everything can we?  When we hold on to the “outcome” we shift from our inner strength and focus to the view the world has of us.  This takes enormous amounts of energy and drains us.  We literally tip ourselves into “basic survival mode”.  We no long have access to our higher brain function which makes decisions.

You must voluntarily tell yourself to “let go” of the outcome.  No matter what you do, the “thing” will not change because you are holding on.  Neither you nor I can control the price of electricity or home heating fuel or the amount of crude oil which comes into the US.  So why are we worrying about it?

What can you voluntarily control?  We can control the light switch in each room in our homes.  We can control the thermostat setting.  We can decide to go out once a week and do our errands instead of just dashing here and there daily and start from the furthest errand and work our way back home in a systematic way as to save on fuel.  There are the things which we can control. 

Let the rest go, be a peace, and turn off the media which is feeding into your virus!