Is Drama Driving Your Life?

Here is today’s question:  “Is Drama Driving Your Life?”

I know you know exactly what I am talking about.  If you are already up in arms, pushing back, yelling “…not me, not me….”; then you are driven by “drama”.

There are people who thrive on being driven by the adrenaline high and excitement that this way of “being” gives them.  These same people love being the center of attention and draw all the eyes and time to the “drama” that they have created.

What is this lifestyle about?

There is actually a medical definition to this type of personality.  It is called: NPD which means:  ” Narcissistic Personality Disorder”.  Go to the Mayo Clinic site and read about it.  Here’s the link:

Look deeply into your own life and see where you feel a void or a need and see if this doesn’t just fit what you do yourself to draw attention away from one thing and over to yourself by the behavior you exhibit and the words that you use.

Where else do you see this exhibited in the world around you?

One clear place is in the media.  Every one who is trying to get a piece of your attention or your dollars is operating from a place of  “lack”, of “drama” in order to raise your level off drama and that in turns makes you think you are lacking something that will fulfill something deep inside of you and if you watch, click, buy, participate or whatever it is that is tempting you, you will be fulfilled.

This is the big lie.   When we believe this and when we live in this mentality we are continuously existing in a state of confusion, need, self indulgence, emptiness and we have homes and lives and bodies which are full to over flowing and we are still empty inside.

Where is the drama in your life?

What are you doing about it?