Interupted Lives

Interrupted lives….what does that mean to you?

When your life is interrupted what is your first reaction to what has interrupted you?

Do you immediately go ballistic, negative, , make excuses as to why you can’t possibly handle whatever it is right now?

Or are you a person who takes the interruption as part of a normal way of life?

Think about those people who work in say; airport security, or in a re truant where you are dealing with customers all day long, or perhaps being in harms way as a military person in a land far away from home.  Interruptions are a way of life and indeed they are probably the norm.

Sometimes, right in the  middle of your wonderful life, something tragic can happen.  Like someone close becoming very ill or dying, a sudden loss of a job, a end of a marriage or something like these.  What happens to your normal life?

You can actually do many things in order to make yourself prepared for these “interruptions”.

When one of these “interruptions” occurs in your life you can step back and take a breath and see the event from outside of how it is affecting you at this very moment.  Almost as if you are observing than being in the middle of it.  This gives you “perspective” in order to deal with it.

Once you’ve gone done the “emotional” road, it is very hard to pull yourself back and re-evaluate the whole thing for what it actually is, a normal part of life.

Sometimes these “interruptions” are opportunities and they open doors for you to excel and move your life forward and at the same time making you stronger and wiser than you were before the “interruption”.

What interrupted you today?

How did you handle it?

What did you learn about yourself?



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