Intersection of Knowledge

When was the last time you paid to learn something new?  What were your expectations for what you were going to go home with at the end of the day or week or session?   

When I am taking a webinar, teleclass, seminar, or some other type of training for my own enjoyment and education, I choose topics that will expand my personal knowledge base, support my coaching business or that have been long time interests of mine which come across my personal life journey and when they intersect that journey at the right time, magic happens.  Have you ever had that magic happen? 

Magic is a very unique experience in that when we are ready the information is almost sucked up into our brains and routine, much like a dry sponge and we are firing on all cylinders.  On the other hand when we are not prepared to receive the information, we become board, distracted, overwhelmed and show a lack of interest as a participant in the event we are attending. 

I once heard a teleclass on Internet marketing and the speaker’s first words were:  "…if you are here, to buy hope…..hang up and email us for a refund….".  Now that’s an interesting remark:  "…if you are buying hope…".   I never thought of taking a class as a last ditch effort.  It almost sounded like compulsive gambling to me.  What do you think?

As a speaker and a trainer, there have been times when the audience is not ready or able to hear anything that I am presenting.  Body language is huge in this perspective.  Also in the Q n A, I sometimes wonder if they even heard what I was saying and then it dawns on me,  they are not in a position to hear what I am teaching. 

The next time that you are contemplating "An Educational Opportunity" of any kind, STOP and think if you are really in a position to actually use and implement what you are paying for.  Remember, even if it is free, you are paying for it with you valuable time in the blocking out of the time slot on your calendar and  the actual listening.  After you attend you will want to do either one of two things:  A) You are overwhelmed, have pages of notes or a digital recording and the information get set on to of a pile, or B) you are actually able to process and integrate and implement what you hear.

I can almost guarantee that if you pass the class by today, you will be able to find it again coming down the information highway again to intersect you on your journey when you can actually use and implement the information.

As always, Keep you focus on your plan and work your plan.