“Internal Lobbyist”

Before you speak, act, or write today, ask yourself:  “Are my actions, or words coming from a place of selfishness?”  Now you may say, “I never come from a place of selfishness!”  And perhaps you never do, but there are many who have an autopilot sensor which acts like a personal lobbyist to make sure that something good is inserted to bolster you, you image, your actions or otherwise turn the spotlight back around to you instead of the original intent.  Does that ring a bell with you?  I encourage you to just begin to really listen to the conversations which are going on around you today and see if you can pick up this “internal lobbyist” in those around you.  You might be very surprised!

Now that you are aware and alerted to what this “internal lobbyist” sounds like, listen to your own conversations today and see if he is coming out in your life.  If you write a text, email or post look at what you just wrote before you hit send.  If you need to rephrase, take the 30 seconds to do so, it will make a difference in the way your message is received.

I find myself misinterpreting things being sent to me quite often for this very reason.  I read one thing and when I actually speak to the person, they meant something entirely different.  That is a function of both of our internal lobbyists at work.  Do you ever hear this:  “…..I sent you an email about it last week!….” and you look back in your deleted messages and the email was not there to begin with?  This is a function of us being so connected faster than a breath that we forget who we told what to and in what order.

Our internal lobbyist is telling us to get those to do items done and done now and as fast as possible so we can brag that we are DONE!  We are COMPLETED! What is your internal lobbyist telling you right now?

Instead of being lightening fast what if you were thoughtful and spent just a minute longer on what comes out of your mind, mouth and fingers?

How would your world change?



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