Inside Work

I trust you all had a relaxing Mother’s Day!  I sure did. 

So, now let’s begin to look at what “Inside Work” looks like for you the Woman-In-Business and for you the other woman who wears so many hats when you are not at work but, rather in the world.

How do you choose to make something “Important”?

How does something rise to that coveted place of Number 1 on your list?

Is it the thing that is “Screaming the Loudest”?  Is it the thing which brings you the most “Pain”?  Perhaps, it is the thing around which there is lots of “Drama and Emotion”?!

Look at your list today, what was your criteria for that number 1 spot?

You did all of that work in deciding what would be number 1 “internally”. 

That is just one example of how we do “inner work”. 

Next time……turning Drama and anxiety into “Peace”.