Immediate Gratification – FIFA!

As I watched the World Cup Soccer match between England and the USA, I must admit that it seems like a whole lot of running around for the low scoring that takes place.  And the very fit bodies of the players is something that any person can appreciate around the world and the stamina that it takes to maintain a full out run for two 90 minute periods of time is mind blowing.

Of course you have all been exposed to what happened or did not happen and it matters not what you feel was just or a player not living up to their potential or not.  Here’s what really matters:

One of the English spectators was interviewed on ESPN and what he said was very telling about us as “Americans”.   He was giving his take on what happened on the field.  Then he said:  “….you Americans are all about “IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION…..”  and then he continued on.

This is huge!   We do not see ourselves this way here in our own little world from sea to shining sea; BUT the rest of the world sees us for what we are.  What does that one comment mean to you?

Are you all a gas?   Are you enraged?   Are you:   “….how dare you……!”

I must admitt it the English spectator has hit us right between the eyes with the ugly truth that we do not want to acknowledge!   We are all about “instantaneous” EVERYTHING!  We  want our information right this moment!  We want our fast food in under 30 seconds…..60 seconds is too long……   We want our phone calls and text messages to be answered and replied to immediately!

This form of “instantaneous living” is very detrimental to our life, our psyche, and our well being.

Today, make a change.  Just stop one of those instantaneous things that you do and see what happens.

The world will not end.

Your life will remain the same.