“I’m Not Enough”

Have you ever heard anyone say this:  “I’m not enough”; well, maybe not those exact words , but you sure knew that is what they meant when they began to berate themselves for being less than something or someone.

Let’s face it there have been times in each of our lives when we truly believed we were not enough.  We didn’t rise to the challenge or the outcome was less than stellar.

Inferiority can cripple a person for life.

When we look at our lives through the glasses of “inferiority” we create a barrier in every area of our lives.  We “block” everything, the bad but also the good!

You are a masterpiece.  We’ve all seen the t-shirt slogan that reads:  “…God’s not finished with me yet…”.  We smile and know that the little child who wears it must give his Mom fits, but she knows there is something great just a few years ahead.  We might also say the same thing for you:  “…God doesn’t create junk, or poor quality or anything inferior…”

You are a miracle!  The seed of new life lies within everything, even you.  Things take time.  Within each flower lies a seed.  The seed is planted, it roots, sprouts a couple of leaves, and begins its time tested period of maturity and it buds and then blooms.  The trees do the same thing, and the grass too.  It all operates on a perfect time table and the cycle is predictable and is fulfilled. The flower has a specific purpose, as does the grass and the tree in the woods or your own front yard.  It is perfectly designed to carry out its job.

Each of us is designed for a specific purpose in life.  Yours will not be the same as your best friend, your neighbor, your peers, your sister, or the grocery stocking clerk at your local super market.  Every nuance makes you different from each of them and yet we each have a purpose in our lives.

There is a maturity which happens over a lifetime which is achieved one step at a time.  one day at a time.  The flower doesn’t rush, in fact it can’t rush, it is on a specific time table determined long ago.  Instant maturity isn’t a naturally occurring thing.

We’ve all heard of the young person dealing with a death or some crisis which occurred far too early in their young life and they have real trouble coping with the trauma.  This is not the norm.

As we become older we are experiencing things in life in a progression which we can handle.  For instance; if we are blessed with children, we nurture and teach and train and eventually we launch that child into the world to live their own life.  If you are a mother, then you know this for sure!  A baby doesn’t just develop and you give birth over a convenient three day weekend.  It takes time to develop and you too must develop your new mindset of being a mother.  You have 18 years more or less to their launch date.

You are enough!  If you didn’t make the mistake or take a risk you wouldn’t be maturing and growing.  I’d go so far as to say you are really GREAT!, because you took the risk!

Hey listen, there are plenty of cowards standing in the crowd just beyond you who will never attempt anything for the overwhelming fear they have encased themselves in.  Keep putting yourself out there because you know what?  When you do…you are stepping into mastery!




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