I’m A Busy Bee!!!

Now everyone has worn this mask at some point in our lives.  We were it at work so it looks like we are really busy and no one will bother us.  We wore it when we were children so that Mom and Dad would think we were really deep into our homework or our chores so that we wouldn’t be bothered with something else.  We wear it as mothers who think that we do not have the right to sit down and rest!

What are some of the traits to look out for to notice if you are wearing the “Busy Bee Mask”?

*Always picking up

*There is always someone to  drop off and to pick up from someplace

*I must be productive at all times

*I must never be idle

*I must keep moving if I stop then……..will happen

*A woman’s work is never done!

*Don’t waste time  –  do something

*When my emotions run wild — I get busy!
How in the world can I chisel this cement busy bee mask off of my face, being and life?

Good News….it’s easier than you probably think

**Evaluate your “BUS-I-NESS”

are you:    a)  passionate, does your work energize you and you take breaks and understand what “balanced” means then you have removed the mask!

b)  in need of more help and support — but no one will share the load with you…..then you are not a busy bee, you need help!

c)   you are a busy woman and you are in “overdrive”.  It is an unhealthy compulsion…….YES you are wearing the “Busy Bee Mask”!

**Evaluate what you are trying to avoid by being so busy.

**Evaluate what the is “pain” that you are trying to avoid.

**Schedule “QUIET TIME daily!  Begin with just 10 minutes (it could be a long bath or sitting on a porch swing with a cool drink)

**Remove non-urgent and unimportant items from your to do list.

**Write up all the things that need to be done and put them in a bowl and let everyone in the family draw out an item and spread out the work.