I Want It All Now!

A couple of days ago, I wrote about wanting it all now, and some of the examples of what happens when someone gets it all, all at once. 

When we move up in our jobs, say with a promotion what come right along with that promotion?  Responsiblitity!

When we move into a nicer, bigger home, what comes along with that home?  Higher taxes, bigger mortgage, more upkeep, more attention to the landscaping in terms of upkeep and maintenance and so on.

When we increase our family what comes along with that?  More mouths to feed, more insurance, more responsibility and so on.

When we accummulate more "stuff" and it doesn’t matter is the "stuff" is antique cars or baseball cards or craft supplies or shoes; what comes along with that stuff?  Stress.   Yes, Stress.  We now need a place to store our "stuff" and our stuff needs to be taken car of cleaned and maintained and so we have added stress to deal with. 

The same thing is true of money and position.  We may each think that we want to have the title of "XXX" or a certain sum of money $ X,XXX,XXX.00 but would you actually want what come unseen with the title and the number?  Deep down you know that you would not have a clue as to how to behave, the responsibilities of the position, the longer hours, the answering of your companies performance to others which rests on your shoulders now, where to invest wisely to KEEP you new $$$$$$$$ and many other stressor which are never talked about with this new "Now I Have It All".

The bottom line here is most of us do not know what IT is.  What is your "IT"?

What I have found is it really isn’t a title or a number.  It is more like:  I want to go to bed and go to sleep every night and not be tossing and turning and worring that I will have enough to buy groceries and pay my bills and by enough gas to get to and from work for the next year.  What does that boil down to really?


Sound Money Skills.

Having Priorities.

Yes, we have all been in a place where we have tossed and turned for many nights.  The final straw is actually within your head.  That’s your atittude about what you think about yourself and what you MUST HAVE to make it.  It is no crime to downsize.  It is a crying shame to see folks loose everything.  It is no crime to see a second or third car and take the bus or train.  It is a crime to have your car repossed in front of your children.  What are you mentoring and modeling right there in front of them?  It is no crime to eat mac and cheese and stop eating out and start your own veggie garden.  It is a crime to live beyond your means and keep up the appearance of having it all together. 

The only people who will look at us dissappointed are our own loving family who is looking to us to keep them safe and sound in all areas of their lives.

This is the only thing that matters.  It all starts with your attitude about "HAVING IT ALL".