I Have NO Time…..

I was recently reading a very interesting book about the “Time”.  Although the book and its companion workbook are several years old, the relevance of the topic could not have been more timely for me.  The author talked about “Time Traps” and what they are and how we all are trapped in one or sometimes all entangled in all of them.

Here’s the question of the past decade and the next decade in front of us:  Is our technology helping to give us more time to do more or is it actually decreasing the available time that we currently have?

What do you think? 

Has the amount of “time” actually changed?

Has our manipulation of “time” changed to our advantage?

This is what I know about my time, see if you can identify with what I am seeing and feeling. 

Exposure to vast quantities of information, coming at me so fast that I cannot process what I am actively searching for creates chaos in my mind. 

What happens is that I wind up with 100% disconnected information and I see and hear it as “noise”.  Think of the “snow” on a television screen.  I can’t see  a picture and I can’t hear the sound track.

I feel as if I am being squeezed into a decision about everything that comes across my computer screen and that decision must be made at that very moment.

I then become so caught up in making all of these decisions that my time frame is completely messed up and I wind up loosing hours in my day over the noise that surrounds me.

Indeed all my time is wasted for today and I am paralyzed and ineffective in every area of my life.  If you think that this is not you, I challenge you to look back over this past week and see if what you experienced in the your own time line didn’t spill over into every other area of your life.

Let’s look at what our “Real Time” looks like.  We each get the same 24 hours every day.  We each get the same 168 hours every week.  We each get the same 8,760 hours each year.  Are these all fair facts?  Yes!  So now it gets tricky.  If we each slept an average of 8 hours every night we would use 56 hours of our 168 hours a week.  If we each worked say, a 40 hour week then we are left with a whopping 72 hours of free time to do with what we want.

72 hours is more than we use sleeping and more than we use working.  So what’s the problem?  It seems like there are plenty of hours in a week to do what we would like to do. 

Let’s take it a bit further shall we?  So how many paid holidays do we get off on average?  Most get around 9 to 12 paid holidays and then there’s your two week vacation.  So actually you have much more time on your hands than we first thought!    So what’s the problem?

With the current economic climate you and I have a perfect opportunity to use our time very wisely at this moment!  The problem is that we as a nation do not plan. We are trying to fly by the seat of our pants and live in the moment and not worry about tomorrow, but tomorrow is here NOW and we must deal with it.  We tend to be a nation of procrastinators not planners.  

  When times get tough we worry and we complain and vent in huge numbers and fume; instead of taking stock of where we are and planning.

 We are being given a wonderful opportunity to give our lives a new direction for the rest of our lives, and  the chance to have a course correction and the time to critically think about where we want to go. 

You do have plenty of time.  Use it wisely.