Human Being vs Human Doing

What is the difference between being:   A Human Being and A Human Doing?

I recently heard this put to a group of professionals and the answers were very interesting.

When we come right down to our core being is it truly more important to be or to do?

To most of us we say it is more important to “be” but our actions reflect “doing” is more important.

If you are under the age of 50 today you most likely will live to be 100 years old.  That is a lot of “doing”!

If you live to be 100, how many transitions do you think you might have in those 100 years?

Right now if you have difficulty with any type of “transition” in any area of your life, you are pretty much “hard wired” for the rest of your life and your transitions.

Most of us view transitions as “painful”.  When a pregnant mother is in labor and giving birth, the pain is real, but in an instant the pain is go the transition is over and she goes from being pregnant to being a new mom.

If you are married that was another transition.  The planning, the costs, the decisions, the feuding etc. all are part of the transition from being single to being married.  One moment you are in white gliding down the isle, a few words, two rings and a kiss and instantly you are a newlywed.

One day there is a requirement met, an invitation sent, cap and gown, a diploma and a packed car unloaded at a dormitory and a transition is made from full time parent to “empty nest”.

There are thousands of these transitions we go through each day, each month and each year of our lives.

It is all about being “Aware” of what is happening in our lives at a core level.

We “uncover”.

We “discover”.

Then we must “recover”.

It’s all a process.

Become the “CLO” of your family……in other words the “Chief Listening Officer”.

What’s being said?

What’s being felt?

What’s being done?

If we ignore these the transitions will be tough.

So are you a “Human Being” or are you a “Human Doing”?