How We Live

Today, as I went through my email, I came across two emails from individuals who seem to be in some kind of a searching process.

 By all accounts on the outside they appear to be successful in their own right.  They are both successful  in their businesses and they photograph very well, beaming with success.  From time to time I receive their emails about something that they are doing or selling.

Today was different.  I noticed a distinct undertone to what was not being said.  They were each giving their email readers one last hooray or last here’s the last piece of me that you are going to see or get for a long, long time.  What was that about? 

Now since I know these two individuals and I have talked to them face to face, I found their emails odd. It appeared to me that they were moving on, letting go of where they were and how far they had come.  But they did not conclude with a direction setting course.

I felt like they were saying, I am now exiting and sailing out there in the world to find myself once again.   It occurred to me that in all of our conversations that they really hadn’t heard the message that I live by. 

We each must choose what LIFESTYLE we will THRIVE in.

Read that again.  Each of us does choose how we live.  We do this on purpose (by having a plan with a definite direction),  or by default (that means we just let things happen to us), and what I have observed is that about 90% of those I see are not THRIVING buy only surviving and just barely.

People wake up!  You are the master of your own course.  Everyone of us does a course correction and evaluation in our heads and verbally through mutterings under our breath.  So, why not do it with purpose and direction?

This isn’t rocket science.  You will not find it for sale anywhere.  You must know someone who is already living and thriving in a lifestyle that they absolutely love.  They are always on the up side of things.  When there are bumps in the road, they say "…yep….that hurt….and they pick themselves up and keep right on moving without complaint…."   Do you know anyone like this?

These folks seem to be in it for the long haul.  Nothing phases them, they just keep working the plan, elvauating where they are and adjust.  It is routine and they are really enjoying living each day.

These are the folks who know what to do.  They have been doing it for years.

So if one of these folks passes your way, what would want to ask? 

I  know, because I am one of those people. 

 My husband and I and our children have been living this way for 30+ years.  We have passed this knowledge on to our grown children and now they are living this way. 

We have mentored others in our small circle and they are also living and thriving in absolutely every occupation that you can imagine and are living all around the world.

What would you like to ask?



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