How To Write An Accountability Letter

Hello once again.  I hope you enjoyed by Accountability Letter.  This is going to be a short post because I know that you are very busy so here are the steps to completing your own “Accountability Letter”.

1) Get out your planner or calender or whatever you keep your appointments in.

2) Just start writing down on a piece of paper or a word document those things which stand out.  (an example would be to trips you took overseas or if you travel to a certain place many times start a “tick mark”, perhaps you completed and launched several key projects. )

3) Next add a personal line or two about travel you did or improving your golf game, or something that you did that was outside your personal comfort zone, or perhaps you took a training or a class that way a key goal.

4)  If some one or some company has been there for you and supported you and been of great value, say so.

5)  OK you can compile more if you like or you can start to compose your accountability letter.

6)  If you want you can do this:  you can write each month of the year beginning with January and then bullet point what you did. 

7) End your letter with a personal wish and your own goals for the new year.

That’s it.  Send it out to those colleagues and peer and your clients and see what the response is.  You will be lifted up I know.