How To Make “Better Decisions”

For a number of weeks now we have been discussing all things “Decision” making.

So many of you are looking to learn how to make good decisions, make great decisions, how to make a decision, or are unable to even make a decision.

What is all of that about?

For me this is a very simple answer.

It boils down to two questions.

Question #1:

What do I believe?

Question #2:

Why do I believe that?

Say WHAT?!?!?

Listen, you have to know what you believe about whatever it is that you are trying to make a decision around in order to have a “beginning place” in order to make a rational, or an irrational decision.


If you don’t know why you believe what you do around the thing you are trying to make the decision about then you are headed to failure.

I know this will push some buttons.


That tells me that, I am absolutely 100% correct.

If you knew what you believed and why you believed that, then you wouldn’t be looking for an answer on “How To Make Decisions”.

This is how we become FREE from the burden of decision making.

Once you know what you believe about things and why you hold that belief, decisions are truly easy and you make them effortlessly.

Interested in finding out how to know what you believe and why you hold that belief?

Keep reading weekly and there will be a pop up box which will appear here and you are then able to give me the opportunity to share how to learn this valuable skill and incorporate it into you own life.

Till then……I’d like to know what your biggest, most challenging, hardest or whatever decision you are wrestling with right now is.

Let me know in the comment box below!



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